St. Michael the Archangel Orthodox Church
Moscow Patriarchate
Redford, Michigan


Boys of the parish are welcome to serve at the Altar after they have made their First Confession.  They assist the priest and and deacons during the church services.  They learn their roles by direct instruction from the priest or deacon and by following the lead of the more senior altar servers.  We have servers of all ages.  


The Readers are members of the Church who read the Epistle, Hours, and other readings (Psalms, Old Testament Readings etc) during the Divine Liturgy and other services such as Presanctified Liturgy, Weddings, Burial Services, and Vespers.    


The Choir at St. Michael the Archangel Church is made up of parishioners of all ages.  The Choir is called upon to sing responses during the Divine Liturgy and other services.  There is no audition, and rehearsals are scheduled as necessary.  All members of the parish are invited to sing in the choir.  


The Parish Council of St. Michael the Archangel Orthodox Church has the responsibility and authority to manage the worldly affairs of the parish.  The Parish Council consists of six Officers, a five member Board of Trustees, the Parish Priest, Deacon, and Choir Director.  Elected members of the Council are voted in at the Parish Annual Meeting.  To be a member of the council one must be an Orthodox Christian, a member of St. Michael's and a communicant of the church.  


At St. Michael's we offer a Sunday School program centered on developing the children's understanding of their faith and how it impacts their everyday lives.  We use quality Orthodox materials and have enthusiastic teachers.  Sunday School begins at 9:15 Sunday mornings and lasts for the first half of Divine Liturgy.  Sunday School is open to all children ages 3 to 16.  We encourage our children to actively participate in the church service after class, whether it is behind the altar, in the pew, or in the choir.  During the school year we include students in a variety of activities.  We have a Christmas program (Yolka) and the children bake Pascha bread at Easter.  Sunday School students also paricipate in charitable activities and other aspects of parish life.  



The Entertainment Committee is responsible for organizing the parish social events such as the Spaghetti Dinner, Cookie Walk, St. Michael's Day Banquet, the Pre-Lenten Party, and the Communion Breakfast.  In addition, they host a few coffee hours during the year.  Meetings are held as needed, usually Sundays in conjunction with Coffee Hour.  There are no dues required and any church member is welcome to join. 


At St. Michael's, we consider the participation and spiritual growth of our members to be very important aspects of our parish today and in the future.  Activities to bring the members of our parish together socially are organized, and we encourage all ages, children to adult, to participate.  




The Altar Society concerns itself with the interior of the church proper.  It maintains the various cloth items used by the clergy when celebrating liturgical services, as well as the robes worn by the altar boys and readers.  The Society sells religious items such as icons, crosses and holiday cards from a stand located in the vesibule of the church.  Several coffee hours are hosted yearly.  The Society charges no dues and meets as needed.  All are welcome to participate.



The Myrrh-Bearing Sisterhood is a Benevolent Society of women of the parish.  The society women support each other emotionally and spiritually by prayers, holding candles during the gospel reading on Myrrh-Bearer's Sunday and during the funeral services of society members.  The group sponsors several fund raising activities throughout the year, with monies going to support church projects including major purchases for the church or School and Activities Center, the Sunday School and kitchen supplies - just to name a few.  The members bake and sell traditional Russian specialties at Easter and Christmas.  The Sisterhood hosts various luncheons for the parish as well as sponsoring some coffee hours.  They maintain the church and kitchen with periodic cleaning.  Dues are collected yearly.  



The St. Michael the Archangel Cultural Center has a beautiful and spacious banquet facility that can accommodate up to 300 guests and includes a hardwood dance floor.  It is available for family events such as weddings, showers, anniversary celebrations and memorial meals as well as business functions and other organization-sponsored events.  Please contact the banquet hall manager - Stephan for Stephan's Banquets at 313-641-6317 for more information about renting the banquet hall for your next event.